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Universität Siegen

Universität Siegen partnership

The Universität Siegen - University of Siegen - supports its researchers in making their research more widely available.

This agreement will further encourage Universität Siegen researchers to publish open access, increasing the volume of research openly available. While this reduces costs for the researcher, it also benefits the wider research community and the public at large.  

This means the Universität Siegen will cover article publishing charges for eligible authors affiliated with the university who wish to publish in any Frontiers journal.

Discover how we publish at Frontiers. If you’re ready to publish, check out our author guidelines for everything you need to know about the submission process, from choosing a journal to preparing your manuscript.  

The power of open access

As one of the world's leading open access publishers, we believe in the transformative power of open science. Articles published with us are free and permanently accessible worldwide - so anyone can benefit from the discoveries, not just a selection of researchers.

  • Your article will be freely and permanently available immediately after publication, ensuring maximum reach, impact, and visibility.

  • More scientists can read the results of your research, including the wider public unable to access the information because they lack a subscription.

  • Open access improves the quality of your research through open, transparent, and reproducible practices made available to a global audience. 

Are you a researcher at Universität Siegen?

Frontiers works with research institutions, libraries, consortia and funders to improve support for researchers publishing open access. We work to: 

  • reduce administrative time for authors and institutions by centralizing communications and streamlining submission and payment workflows. 

  • release authors from some/all responsibility for article publishing charges (APCs) - contact your institution or librarian for full details. 

  • simplify the submissions process to ensure authors are able to submit their work quickly and easily with step-by-step support.

Are you eligible?

To be eligible under the partnership, you need to ensure: 

  • The corresponding author must be affiliated with Universität Siegen.

  • The corresponding author must use their official Universität Siegen email address (e.g., "“).

  • The authors affiliation to Universität Siegen must be clearly recognizable, the standardized affiliation designation of the Universität Siegen according to the currently valid publication guideline must be used.

  • The publication should contain a reference to the funding through Universität Siegen. The information from research funders is provided in accordance with their specifications (cf. publication guideline).

For further information on requirements and whether you qualify for funding, please visit your institution's open access page or email your university's OA team.

Not an affiliated author?

We collaborate with over 700 institutions across the world. If you want to join them, tell your librarian about Frontiers institutional plans - just submit our recommendation form.

To learn more about our institutional plans, visit our institutional partnerships page.