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University of Kansas

Read, publish, and discover.

With no cost to you. 

Your research is changing the world. We’re maximizing its impact by removing barriers to publishing, starting with article publishing charges (APCs) for authors. Our new partnership model with the University of Kansas makes publishing faster, easier, and free for researchers.

Under the agreement, corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Kansas’ Lawrence and Edwards campuses will receive unlimited publishing across all Frontiers journals without charge starting January 1, 2024.

Discover how we publish at Frontiers. If you’re ready to publish, check out our author guidelines for everything you need to know about the submission process, from choosing a journal to preparing your manuscript.  

Are you a researcher at the University of Kansas?

Fees shouldn't get in the way of making an impact. Every decision we make revolves around what's best for researchers. Our new fee model with the University of Kansas empowers you to focus on what matters most: disseminating your research, growing your visibility, and expanding your impact.

Unrestricted access to publishing 

With full coverage of your APCs, you can submit your research without worrying or waiting for approval from your institution. 

  • Rapidly share your findings, increasing visibility and impact within the academic community and beyond. 

  • Build on your research with new findings, pursue innovative directions, and explore deeper the topics that matter most to you. 

  • Develop your research portfolio and open doors to new career advancements. 

The power of open access

As one of the world's leading open access publishers, we believe in the transformative power of open science. Articles published with us are free and permanently accessible worldwide - so anyone can benefit from the discoveries, not just a selection of researchers.

  • Your article will be freely and permanently available immediately after publication, ensuring maximum reach, impact, and visibility.

  • More scientists can read the results of your research, including the wider public unable to access the information because they lack a subscription.

  • Open access improves the quality of your research through open, transparent, and reproducible practices made available to a global audience. 

Submitting made simple 

We use the latest custom-built technology and AI tools to support you at every stage of the publishing process, from submission to publication – saving you time to spend on more research. 

  • Experience a simplified submission process without administrative barriers to publication. 

  • See your work reach peer review sooner and connect with reviewers to improve your manuscript. 

  • From submission to publication and beyond, our user-friendly platform makes organizing your research and tracking your impact easy

Terms and conditions

The University of Kansas Medical Center is excluded from the entirety of this agreement. Articles submitted by corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Kansas Medical Center (i.e., when the corresponding author’s email address domain matches or the corresponding author’s organization matches the University of Kansas Medical Center) will be subject to ordinary payment arrangements.

Not affiliated with the University of Kansas?

We collaborate with over 700 institutions across the world. If you want to join them, tell your librarian about Frontiers institutional plans - just submit our recommendation form.

To learn more about our institutional plans, visit our institutional partnerships page.